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Full Name: Baloo Bear
Nicknames: Poppa Bear (Kit)
Gender: Male
Age: Mid 30’s
Height: 6’2
Species: Bear
Dress: Yellow pilots shirt, and a red pilots cap
Occupation: Pilot at ‘Higher For Hire’
First Appearance: Episode #1
Plunder and Lightning, part 1
First Quote: “Hey hey, Louie. You gotta learn my secret to ree-lax-ation!”
A bit about Baloo:

Baloo plays the main role in Talespin – an easy going, carefree and party-lovin’ pilot. He flies a bright yellow sea plane which he calls the Seaduck – a Conwing L16, with superflight 100 engines (as told to us in Plunder and Lightning, part 1). He loves being a pilot and, in his own words, ‘flying is what life’s all about’. He is very lazy and irresponsible, but has a heart of gold and will do anything for his friends, and will go to any length correct any mistakes he makes (which are many). He takes life as it comes, not worrying about small details – he describes himself as a ‘big picture kind of guy’.

At one stage, he owned his own air cargo company – ‘Baloo’s Air Service’. But after failing to pay his bills on time, the bank sold the deed to his business and for his plane to a business woman called Rebecca Cunningham. Not wanting to leave his plane, Baloo agrees to work for Rebecca ( who has re-named to business ‘Higher For Hire’) in hope that he can eventually save up enough money to buy the Seaduck back from her.

In the early episodes of the series, Baloo meets and befriends a young bear cub named Kit. Their sharded love of planes and Kit’s ambitions of becoming a pilot sparks an instant friendship between the two, and Kit becomes Baloo’s partner and navigator. Baloo loves and treats Kit like his own son, affectionatly referring to his as ‘Lil Britches’.

Full Name: Kit Cloudkicker
Nicknames: Little Britches (Baloo)
Gender: Male
Age: 12
Height: 3’9
Species: Bear
Dress: Green sweater, with a yellow patch on the right elbow, over a white shirt/turtle neck, and a blue baseball cap with a red rim, worn backwards.
Occupation: Baloo’s navigator, at ‘Higher For Hire’
First Appearance: Episode #1
Plunder and Lightning, part 1
First Quote: “For me? Aw, you shouldn’t ‘a!”
A bit about Kit: Kit is a young, orphaned bear-cub full of spirit and spunk, and is also Baloo’s best friend, partner and navigator. Before he met Baloo, he was a member of Don Karnage’s air pirates. His past before that is a mystery. After spending a year with the air pirates, Kit claims that he ‘got sick of them’, and after Don Karnage stole a valuable jewel from Shere Khan, Kit decided to make his move – to take the jewel, leave the pirates and begin a new life. While trying to escape Karnage (in the pilot episode), he runs into Baloo (literally) at Louie’s place. We get the impression that Kit is fearful and hesitant of trusting adults. But in this same episode, Baloo saves Kit from Karnage, and this appears to be a turning point for Kit. He opens up to Baloo, and begins to trust and admire him. Kit now refers to Baloo as his ‘Papa Bear’, and loves him life a father.

Considering Kit is a former pirate, he has suprisingly good manners and is highly respectful of adults – when he initially introduced himself to Rebecca, for example, he took off his hat, and he refers to her as ‘Miz Cunningham’.

One great part about Kit has got to be his hobby – air surfing. Air surfing involes Kit soaring through their air (usually towed behind a plane) on his boomerang shaped board known as his air foil. Who knows where he learnt how to do this or where he got his board.

Being on his own and having had to fend for himself all of his life, Kit is very independent and street wise. In a way, it’s kind of ironic that Kit is one of the cutest characters in Talespin (second cutest – Molly takes first prize). Acting much older than his years, he hates being treated life a kid, and loaths the fact that he is to young to get his pilots license.

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